The Japanese love gambling for leisure, to test their skill, and for a chance to win a prize. They gamble almost as a tradition, after a good meal & drink at the izakaya, and because some games like Pachinko are inexpensive to play. You should know that they are a lot of loopholes in the law regulating casino games. This post reviews gambling and Japanese culture, Pachinko games, casino games, and the success of online casinos.

Gambling and Japanese Culture

Gambling is prevalent due to the ubiquitous Pachinko parlors that started in the 1940s. The law does not see Pachinko as gambling enabling the unhindered spread of massive betting in the country.

Added to Pachinko are publicly run gambling businesses by the local government and government firms. The approved public games include boat race, bicycle racing, horse racing, and lotteries.

Advanced technology gives you the capability for betting on a computer, gaming console, and smartphones or going to the betting locations.

pachinko casino in japan

Pachinko Games

Pachinko is just like the slot machines in the West, and the most prevalent and addictive game in Japan. The law sees Pachinko as a game that tests players’ abilities.

More than 10,500 Pachinko parlors are open to players. Citizens play at least once a week and spend about $200 billion yearly playing on the Pachinko slot machines. Private companies like Dynam run the game and has more than 400 halls instead of the traditional parlors.

To play the game, you need to buy lots of pinballs and put them into the machine. You then rotate them by pulling a lever that spins them down through barriers until they get into a hole.

The number of balls you accumulate has a point value, and operators give winners chips to exchange for money or items.

Casino Games

Although there are Illegal casinos run by underground syndicates (for playing traditional games like Mahjong), there are attempts to make physical casinos legal in Japan.

The government recently passed a law to promote offline casinos and recognizes three casinos in selected resorts with rules that restrict how its citizens play there.

One of the rules says that players must pay to gain entrance into the Casinos and play three times a week to prevent addiction. A government committee will supervise the operation of these casinos.

The Success of Online Casinos

Toto is a legal online portal for betting in the Japanese league and public sports. Illegal mobile games exist for gamers to download and play for money. Japanese gamers can play in secure online casinos websites operated offshore for fun and money. Most play popular games like live blackjack and poker games, baccarat, and slot games. But we didn’t forget our Canadian readers : you will find all the information you need on this online casino guide written by our expert colleagues and also a list with the best casinos in Canada.

For extra security, hide your location with a VPN, deposit and withdraw with cryptocurrency.