An Izakaya is a causal place usually for after-work drinking and taking of snacks. The drinks served in an Izakaya are alcoholic. One thing common to lovers of casino is that they love to visit this place before heading to play. Usually, people love to engage in a drinking spree before gambling or gaming at a Casino. Below are the best Izakayas that can be found in Toronto Canada.


Located at 1330 Dundas St. West, menu that you are expected to be treated to at Imanishi are anchovy- spiked potato salad, corn kakiage, tempura-buttered and fried corn kernels.

Customers sit on mats and drink from a table that is low. They can also sit on chairs to drink from tables. You can be recommended the best pairing of Nagoya-style chicken wings with a peppery sweet soy-sesane sauce and bits of sticky ginger. Imanishi, was a former Portuguese sports bar which is now reconfigured to have both a Japanese look and a western bar.

Ki Modern

Chosing to visit the high-ceilinged financial district’s Ki Modern Japanese is a good idea too. Located at181 Bay Street, this place is a great recommendation of spot-on sake pairings by Michael Tremblay. Apart from the izakaya menu that is served in its bar-lounge area, Michael tells you a story about each brewery and the selected bottle for his restaurant. At Ki-Modern, it is recommended that you try the silky and delicious Hamachi sashimi. You can also pair it up with jalapeno, ginger and yuzu soy sauce.


In the Cabbagetown neighbourhood, found at 51B Winchester St of Toronto is an inviting izakaya known as Kingyo that provides burgundry banquettes and good food. The menu that stands out at Kingyo are beef tataki salad, garlic ahi tuna tataki, garlic chips and ponzu jelly. It is said that the combination of classic ebi-mayo with chilli-mayo sauce and mellow yamahai junmai is great. A definite must ! 


Zakkushi which is located at 193 Carlton St, is known as the Toronto branch of a Japanese backed Vancouver chain. Yakitori, beef, pork and 10 labels plus sensational specials are served at Zakkushi. Guests also take a winter stew that has boiled eggs, fish cake and can order sashimi and skewers. At Zakkushi, you will greatly feel good while mixing a platter of skewers like Free-range momo, memaki and bacon-asparagus with a dry otokoyama tokubetsu.

Kasa Moto

Located at 115 Yorkville Ave, Kasa Moto, is a restaurant in the heart of the luxury brand-studded Yorkville. A good place to have drinks and food before heading to the casino. You may wish to try any of the steaks like Four ounces of Japanese wagyu.